Our Services

We provide our customers with a whole list of services ranging from a single marketing advice to a whole network management

Strategic planning

This services is parted into two phase;
First we arrange a one-to-one meeting so we better understand your goals and your vision for your brand. This meeting is with high importance as it helps us broaden our knowledge about your brand and brain-storm ideas and new horizons for your brand’s development.
Next, our team of experts will set together in order to manage:
-The perfect place for your brand’s advertisement which highly depends on the definition of your targeted customer
-The digital signage components that fit your brand’s direction (radio inclusion in shopping centers- outdoor and indoor displays: billboards/ videos..)
- The time settin of your campaign

Network management

Network management manifested in social media management is with high importance specialty if your targeted customers are youth. A brand’s image highly depends on its daily activities through social media, that is why we take into account that sustainable factor and provide you with a network-management service tailored for your brand.
Minimize your IT department charge! You don’t have to recruit someone specific for your content management as digicom can take in charge.
Also, the very moment you decide to take full-charge of your network management, you can simply do so without losing any content published by digcom’s professionals.

Training services

Our software are easy to operate with and simple to install. We provide you with continuous assistance and guidance to get the most out of our system.
We also offer a one-to-one web training so you get a knowledge base on web-development and web design. Our team of experts will help you create by your own the digital network of your dream and get involved into the process of brand’s promotion.

Content Design

There’s no such thing as successful campaign without the right content matched with the right design. We have a team of experts with a knowledge-base in strategic marketing and necessary-skills for putting together your content.
We believe that the brand’s content should catch the consumer’s eye and turn the viewer into consumer that is why we consider a one-to-one meeting with our customer is a substantial first step leading to an appealing content.

Installation services

Our staff of high-caliber installer will help you incorporate and manage your digital signage with our installation services.
At digicom, we understand that so many of our customers have time and budget constraints, that is why we developed this services to help you get the best out of you ad campaign with minimum waste in term of money and most importantly in term of time.
This services is marked as efficient because it guarantees both time and budget saving while having a shaped digital interface that will promote your sales and meet your brand’s goals.

Digital advertising network

We strive to offer you the best digital solution adequate for your budget and your brand’s vision.
Along the years, we succeeded at expanding our products in order to meet each and every customer’s need.
We provide digital advertising displays both outdoor and indoor thanks to our high quality LED/LCD screen existing in the most popularized shopping centers.
For more information regarding our digital signage offers, visit PRODUCT where you can get notified about both our rental and sale offers.


We provide you with phone technical-support always available for you in case of unlikely problem.
Our team is committed to your help you and is striving to guarantee you the best ad experience.

All inclusive package

This services includes: Strategic planning/ content design /digital advertising network/ installation services/ network management / support/ training

meet our product

The sevices we provide includes digital advertsing network which  is our main activity.Along the years, we have succeeded in devoloping a wide range of visual screen in the most popularised shopping centers. Get to know our product available for both sale and rent.

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