Prodcuts available for renting

Outdoor / indoor LED Display

Our screens are perfectly designed, manufactured from high-quality and can be noticed and seen from a large distance even during day time as the sunlight can not inhibit their visionary. You can order the screen wall that looks appealing to you.

We have screen walls all over carrefour network, Zephyr mall, manar city mall and Tunis City mall( Geant)

Indoor LCD display

Our LED screens are available in a variety of sizes with a high quality diffusion.
They are cost-effective and reliable on catching the eye of your consumer.
Order the screen you want and have your brand promoted in one of these shopping centers: Carrefour network- Manar city mall- Zephyr mall and Tunis City mall( Geant)

Simple or double sided TOTEM

TOTEM is a smart way for getting your brand promoted in a very eye-catching tool. TOTEM is different from a simple screen projection that everyone got used to it along the way. So get advantage of its easy-inclusion and be closer to your consumer by promoting your brand in one of our TOTEM existing in: Carrefour network- Manar city mall- Zephyr mall and Tunis City mall( Geant)

Interactive touch screen

Interactive touch screen is a form of advertising your product.Many customers, especially youth rely on interactive touch screen to infer new products they might be interested in buying and trying them.
It is a smart way to engage with your end-consumers, inform him about your brand and keep him updated with your latest news and offers by showing images/ Gallery/ Contact info/ website.

You can also integrate the location of your local business in the map of the interactive touch screen to guide your consumer and show him the exact way to your store.

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